0800 House Cleaning

Just like other households, your cleaning cabinet is also full of different cleaning chemicals-from insecticides to sprays and soaps. What most people don't realize is that these cleaning chemicals usually leave something hazardous in the air. Worse, these hazards in the air are always ready to get into you and your family's lungs. Still, just like other households, you think that you have no better choice but use these cleaning chemicals or your house might be a dwelling place for germs and bacteria.

You're certainly wrong if you have the same perception. Good thing, there is a better alternative to using cleaning chemicals- essential oils! By using essential oils, you'll not only be able to clean your house- you'll create a good aroma therapeutic appeal in the entire house, too. That will surely be relaxing and better for your health than sniffing cleaning chemicals. DIY aroma antiseptic floor cleaner. Prepare ¼ cup of white vinegar.